.: scan invisible frens on YM :.

sdikit tutorial rgkas dr ak…
tutorial bese2 jew pm….
ney utk nk taw spew y on9 ym,
tp  set invisible 2 everyone….
wlu pm diaowg set sbg invisible,
korg bley taw gk….
cmnew 2…??

bg ssapew y bminat,
gini carany…..
plih jew mnew 1 link y bminat….
copy kt browser korg…

nk taw result dye nnti cmnew…??
haa..gni la lbey kurg…

so…kntoi laa….

slamat mncuba…


4 Responses to “.: scan invisible frens on YM :.”

  1. bnyk senarai ko kasi ni. haha. smart. bgus 😀

  2. http://www.ymsgr.info is one of the fastest free Yahoo Messenger invisible detectors.

  3. Detector Invisible – http://www.detector-invisible.com/ – Status 100% Real !!!

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