.: CFW^3 v6.1 Nokia 5800(RM-356-428) :.

kembali lagi dgn cfw y baru..
opps…bkn ak cooked sndri ok,ak just share 🙂
kredit to owner : symbianlatino
screenshot sekadar hiasan 🙂

*main homescreen 🙂
lagi screenshot utk pngenalan sblm pnerangan tntang new features 🙂

*splash startup screen 🙂

chat conversation style on messaging 🙂

* 4×4 menu style 🙂

*device info 🙂


  • New effects in the Symbian original interface ^ 3.
  • Maps 3.6 Final Ovi integrated (except 5530).
  • 15.2 * Music player with integrated song lyrics (Solution for Latin languages​​).
  • Updated v1.09 Ovi.
  • Full Set ^ 3 Symbian icons that change according to the theme you set.
  • Compatible with Ovi Suite 3.
  • Text Menu buttons centered as in Symbian ^ 3.
  • New Extended menu, wider!.
  • Increased the movement speed and application performance.
  • Removed the rotation of sliding unlock.
  • Fixed error when installing some old songs.
  • Compatible with PhotoBrowser.
  • Battery back to normal … life improved.


  • Desk with interactive Widgets.
  • Languages: English and Spanish Latino (5230 5530 5800) and Spanish Spain (X6 5800).
  • You can install anything you want without signing applications, or perform any process.
  • You’ll never seIntegrated mail client with support for HTML and compatible with your Hotmail, Gmail, Ovi, etc.
  • Release system by swiping your finger across the screen.
  • New font much more modern and fitted with the new menu, the original source is huge !!!!!!!!.
  • Menu 4×4 reorganized and custom folders.
  • Added 3 new widgets shortcuts so you can get full screen access.
  • 79 MB free internal memory (290 MB free X6) and 58 MB free RAM.
  • The Clock Widget is now removable so you can remove it and have a Full Swipe.
  • Removed the poster to show all applications running on the drop down menus.
  • Java applications and bring all permits WRT enabled to avoid so many unnecessary requests.
  • You can send any file protected by Bluetooth, no more restrictions.
  • Added new audio codecs for stereo sound better.
  • Sound a lot stronger than the original firmware.
  • Embedded applications Ovi maps, Conversations, Notifications.
  • In the Ovi mobile is identified as a Nokia N97 so have many more programs compatible.
  • Improved and without delay effects.
  • Added tactile equipment Facebook browser bookmarks.
  • Gallery reconfigured to not read images in system folders.
  • Dark S60 home screen and the sound a bit low not to disturb.
  • Removed some applications start to have more free resources.
  • *Browser Cache grown and moved to E.

bpuas ati ngn new features y d sediakan..?
dapatkan cfw anda….
refer post sblom ni utk tutorial flashing 🙂

CFW SYMBIAN^3 v6 Nokia 5800 RM-356

CFW SYMBIAN^3 v6 Nokia 5800 RM-428

selamat mencuba geng 🙂

kpd siti zalikha ,
cfw 2 sesuai utk y suka warna warni,
da x itam2 cm cfw y ai 2..
hv a try 🙂

28 Responses to “.: CFW^3 v6.1 Nokia 5800(RM-356-428) :.”

  1. kak yone Says:

    huhu,dah bace! Hanye 5 percent yg dpt difahami…haha! Mcm Mne nak wat bende ni?

  2. thx 4 following my blog. 🙂
    bcoz im new here, i couldnt follow u
    sebab x jupow butey follow. xcekat jupo.
    blog ni unik tlajok. huuuuu

  3. swapunrao m Says:

    i had installed in my phone but after flashing completed i am getting this my ” phone is not found” and the screen come to blue if i disconnect the cable and tryed to switch on the phone . only it vibrate but not working

    plz give me advise and solution to solve my problem

    • are you sure that the u have cmpletely flashing your phone..?
      after da process cmpleted, your phone should automatically reboot..
      if not…it will stay off..you need to restart on your own..
      in your case,i think u need to flash your phone with original firmware
      to make it work again..download da original firmware via Navifirm.
      if u still intrested to flash with custom firmware,
      make sure that u fully understand what the process is going on..
      n make sure that ypur pc was installed with nokia pc suite or ovi suite..
      it is important so that your pc could recognise and detect
      your phone while flashing it..

  4. Thaq… Fantastic firmware bro.. Great mind work… I liked all the new fearures..
    Just one thing isn’t their.. the SMYLES ..!!! 😦 …. Can u include smyles in this firmware?? Please do something about the smyles… !!!

    • thnx bro 4 your support…
      i wish i could added da smiley on that CFW..but i cant..
      also…i still cant find any third party application smiley for s60v5..
      all i’ve found is just for s60v3…
      hopin that the application can works on s60v5 someday 🙂

      • Tahq..!! I think u can add the N8 smyles into ur CFW bro…!! I’m telling u this because i found a 5235 CFW from
        amazingly it has smyles in the messaging part… Its working just fine.. i have personally tested on a 5235.
        I extracted ur cfw using nokia editor by PHNT..( sorry for doing it without ur permission).. i edited messaging folder from CFW and added his messaging folder.. its getting repacked but the phone is getting bricked after the flash.. So finally settled with ur amazing CFW… I have not much idea as u have in this but just tried.. So i suggest u to look over this CFW to get smyles.. Anyway..!! Your CFW is the best one found so far on net…!! Hope to see ur firmware with smyles soon…. Thank you..!!

  5. <>

  6. it isn’t displaying the address….

  7. itzom4u. blogspot. com /2011/06/nokia-523035-rm-588-c6v40-active-pro5.html

  8. Bro…use this address without space … after u. t. and com theirs no space add http:// at the begining.
    just trying to show the address as it is.

  9. Thaqif…!!! what happened bro… No response yet..!!!

    • sorry bro…im quite busy nowaday…
      btw…i’ve go through your link…quite helping…
      hopin that i will master on that soon..
      thanks for da link bro… 🙂

  10. Zahid Says:

    Salam thaq..
    What’s up with the new CFW with smyles??
    Well i really appreciate your hardwork bro..
    i have found some links which have smyles in 5800.. but their CFW isn’t good looking.. for N8 emoticons find here
    add http:

    • w’salam..
      really2 sorry bro..im quite busy nowadays…
      btw thanks for the link and i have ported the smiley into da cfw.
      just give me some more time to flash into my phone and try either there is some bugs..
      i will share here as soon as i satisfy with al the features.. 🙂
      sorry again for da late respon..

  11. Zahid Says:

    Do make the icons a little smaller in the Menu…
    I cant wait to see ur CFW with smyles… Please spare some time and work on this bro.. Hope to see ur cfw very soon… Do reply ASAP…

  12. Zahid Says:

    Other useful links.
    add http:







  13. Zahid Says:

    this can really be of use … try this as well.


  14. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro..,
    Saya nasser.., currently I’m using “CFW-Fahimmuchi’s N8-00 V3”
    My phone version and details are as below:

    RM-356, V52.0.007, My last flashed was done using
    PNHT C6 V20 Base Files.

    My questions are..,
    -Can I flash it wt this version of yours..?
    -What are the Languages installed..? B.Melayu ada tak..? or should I install it on my own then repacked it..wt NFE..
    -So far.. is there any bug/s encountered..?
    Btw, there’s nothing wrong wt Fahimmuchi’s CFW.. it really works perfectly.., bloody fast and stable…wt wonderful theme and interface as well.., It’s just that I’ld prefer to use CFWs from our own people.. Orang Kita punya.
    Thanks Bro..,

    • w’salam..

      yepp…since your phone base firmware is V52.0.007,
      u can successfully flash ur phone with this version..
      n this cfw not compatible with V52.0.101..

      bout the language,
      im not sure either b.Mlayu was installed..
      btw,thats not the main problem,u still can add
      ur fevret language using NFE…

      since i flash this cfw onto my 5800,
      and i have use this cfw for a month,
      theres no bug encountered at all.
      evrything are smooth..

      btw bro..i would suggested you to use this cfw,
      click this link..http://wp.me/ppcZa-ou ..
      what i can highlite is,that cfw has arabic writting language..
      And b.Melayu was already pre-install..
      and if you want to try something new,
      try this cfw..http://wp.me/ppcZa-p8 ..
      what i can say bout this cfw,
      theres nothing much diffrent with previous cfw,
      just icon upgraded with symbian anna..
      and this cfw use C6 V40 base files..

      all i can say is,all the cfw is all fine…
      minimum bugs..
      i already try them all..

      all da best…
      thanx 4 ur support…
      yeahh!! org kita 🙂

  15. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,

    Thanks for your fast and prompt reply…
    Bro.., The SHADOW 1.5 looks exactly like the Photon C6-04 which i flashed yesterday night…awesome..stable gile…I would say it’s the best i’ve tried so far (I’ve flashed for more then 20x…lol..including trail and error) still, it’s not so user’s friendly as you need to go thru’ lots of hassles and procedures in order to put in or change certain things to ur suits.., kadang2 sampai nak giler due to too much versions till you’ll get blurred and confused between those versions…anyway, tonite I’ll try to flash the Shadow 1.5 as it looks and sounds so promising and will come back here to share with the rest of the outcome Insyaallah..! Thanks a lot bro..!

    • oowhh..seriously that cfw look similar to Photon..?
      orait…myb i should try…so far i also just like u…
      try ,try n try…
      sometimes,i got mini heart attact when i could not
      restart my phone after flashing it…hahaha..
      what i share here just parts of my trial..
      btw,im quite satisfy with all those cfw i’ve share here…
      hv a try…

      ok…no biggie…thnx 4 da support bro..
      w’salam 🙂

  16. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,

    Alamak bro…that Shadow are not for me… RM356 52.0.007, maybe I should try the N3xT kot…? Tx..Salam

    • w’salam…no bro…its just ok for u…
      follow da step i hv given there…
      i also v52.0.007, but it successfully flashed…

  17. nassershah Says:

    Salam bro..,
    It’s clearly stated for CFW^3 v6.1 Nokia 5800(RM-356-428) dlm bracket lagi tu…! u really sure ke bro…? it can bricked my phone maa..! I tell u what.., just let me re read it again..and again.. of the instruction/s given…okay…! apa2 pun.., Thanks for pointing it out..!

    • sorry bro…i cant get it what r u trying to say..?
      is there any problem encountered..?
      i dont think so…coz it work perfectly on my phone..
      if u skip any step given,myb u will bricked ur phone..
      if not,there nothing wrong with it…

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