.: CFW 5800xm N3xT L3v3L (final):.

new cfw with many more special features.
im very glad to share you’all a new cfw.
full credit to Himura Teams from Indonesia. 🙂

Jom kita cuci mata dulu ngn penampilan yang agak baru dr cfw kali ini…

*main homescreen

*splash startup screen (with real sound effect)

*tab to unlock features

*4×4 menuscreen

*device info


  • Here some Full Changelog :

    1. New SplashScreen n Shutdown Screen (exclusive for tubers indonesia)
    2. Iphone Killer Boot up screen
    3. Theme Symbian^3 Hacked n Digi Flowerz Lite
    4. Effect Theme kAlsTA Premium 3D By itZoM (very fast Effect)
    5. Kinetic Scrolling F45T
    6. Touch Vibra Mod by Riztra ^^ (just try different)
    7. Now with Picsel Smart Office (very cool than QO n AR)
    8. Bluetooth icon in menu just one
    9. Added Theme icon in menu
    10. Easy KEylock icon is hidden in menu
    11. Now support Arabic Writing language
    12. Ovi maps 3.06 update 25 Feb 2011 (with working foursquare etc)
    13. press long (*) to switch bluetooth
    14. press long (0) to enabled n disabled sensor setting
    15. Working notification message n miscall on tap2unlock
    16. Dialer bug is fixed
    17. Camera Already in use is fixed
    18. Now with DZmusicKey Fix
    (replacing green button, white button,and red button to be prev,play/pause,next)
    try it and you’ll see it Cheesy
    19. Voice Command disabled
    20. E7 icon working no bug Cheesy
    21. Font S^3 is back Cheesy
    22. New signal 3.5g (is FAKE), battery n lock icon
    23. Voice recorder back to standart quality (recommend to avoid lag)
    24. Camera feature added
    25. Arab, english n Indonesian Dictionary is Added
    26. Indonesian Susi for message reader is added
    27. 4×4 and 3×4 menu Grid
    28. Grid root Back to smiley Smiley
    29. Extended Menu n Cener Text Mod
  • Added Application : will auto install in drive E:
    (via AI), if you don’t like it just uninstall

    1. Virtual Keyboard
    2. N-gage cotroller
    3. 7zip
    4. Font Router LT n Font RouterMan
    5. Gadget
    6. Indonesian Susi for message reader
    7. Ramblow
    8. UninstallKing
    9. Widgetizer
    11. Internet Radio

  • Added application (via Rofs2 n UDA) :

    1. Killme
    2. Accel Switch
    3. DzmusicKey v2.00
    4. PhoneTorch with New Icon 😀
    5. Picsel SmartOffice
    6. BTswitch
    7. AutoInstaller
    8. Lock Me By Himura05
    9. Easy KEyLock (Icon Hide in Menu)

refer post sblom ni utk tutorial flashing 🙂

CFW N3xT L3v3L Final Release

selamat mencuba geng 🙂
*any problem,dont hasitate to ask me..
contact me via comment o my facebook account. 🙂

5 Responses to “.: CFW 5800xm N3xT L3v3L (final):.”

  1. wah menarik cam ner nak ambil screen shot dr phone ek ..?

  2. safuan Says:

    bro,letak la lgi cfw yg best2 cket..
    ak mls nk cari yg kat forum2 ni..hehe
    byk sgt version..pning aku..haha

    • hahhaa…same la ak pn…lps satu2 kuar…
      orait3…ak akn try cri y best n ak post kt blog ni…
      tp pape pn,ak kne try la dlu cfw tu kowt2 ad bug…
      ak puas ati,bru ak up… 🙂

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