.: SHADOW 1.5 C6V40.0.021 (JULY2011 upd8) :.

Please use v40 cores
(you may also use the cores you used in C:S1.4)!
When Charging,
Green light (5800,5230,5233,X6),
or Red light (5530 only) will turn on.
It will Turn off when you reach a full battery status.
This is a good indicator for me.

Current Version:
Code:Shadow 1.5 – July 05, 2011

Base Firmware:
C6-00 V40.0.021 by mara- 5800
C6-00 V40.0.021 by mara- and me for 5530, 5230, 5233, X6

Working on 5530 (RM-504) v32.0.007 and below
Working on 5800 (RM-356) v52.0.101 and below
Working on 5230 (RM-588) v40.6.003 and below
Working on 5233 (RM-625) v40.1.003 and below
Working on X6 (RM-559) v32.0.002 and below

See screenshot and complete features 🙂

potrait homescren view 🙂

full qwerty keyboard for messsaging 🙂

last but not least,homescreen with my favourite actress as wallpaper 🙂

Code:Shadow 1.5 Complete Feature List
Personal Mods:

Replaced Martin (UK) with Sandra Voice Reader (USA)
to be more understandable
Nokia Notifications 1.5 widget installed by default
Default Home Screen Widgets rearranged by me.
Java permission mod:
no more annoying “allow one time” messages from java. everything is allowed now.
Digital Clock is set by default
Changed default date/time to July 5, 2011 9:00am
Calendar Mod – week starts on Sunday by default
Changed name of Applicatios to Apps
Changed name of Videos and TV to Videos
Calendar Alarm Snooze default interval changed to 3 min
Clock Alarm Snooze default interval changed to 3 min
Default keyguard set to 70 secs
Default Light timeout to 30
Light brightness aka Light sensitivity set to 25%
Changed default text tone
Writing Speed set to MAX
turning control: silencing calls turned off by default
turning control: snoozing alarm turned off by default
tapping control: silencing calls turned off by default
tapping control: snoozing alarms turned off by default
Auto-Rotation is ON by default

Applications Integrated
Nokia Maps 3.06(637) update – from c6v40.0.021
Integrated Easy Key Lock – lets you lock your phone via touch screen
Quickoffice 6.2 full version is now integrated once again

Visual Mods
Theme: Code:Shadow, Code:Shadow (T) by me:
– (base theme used rob by IND190) (T) means transparent widget holder,
you can use your own wallpaper with this!
S^3 menu on landscape
Drigz’s Premium Page Symbols working with Emoticons for 6v40 – Exclusive Mod
Emoticons Added!
N8 Smileys Update
S^3 loading bar is used
calibri font with symbol support updated – Added Restart and Shutdown support
landscape buttons size minimized – now more space on landscape by dan-av
New Symbian Anna Icons! PR2-3 Icons updated!
New Symbian Anna Icon on key lock by Drigz
Modified default MEDIABAR look!
fixed homescreen bug (landscape>lock>turn to portrait>slide to unlock) – no more messed up HS
Grid is changed to 3X4 portrait and 6X2 landscape
S^3 center text (portrait only)
PhoneBook N8 style by Akshay5233
Extended Menu is now used
Black Slide to unlock
Splash Screen: Plain black background white text Nokia splash screen
Profile Name – General
Modified menu by Drigz Arrangement
Themes Icon added on menu
Disable Message Notification
iphone rotation effects
Homescreen Layout by Drigz
Additional Shortcut Bars in C6 Homescreen – up to 5

Performance Mods
Speed upgrades
Better Ram manager
Theme Effects are more smoother, Rotation ultimately faster than ever!
Touch screen is now more responsive
Kinetic Scrolling Modified for personal preference
Improved Music Quality by pirates_killer”
– use headset, turn on bass, turn on stereo widening, max volume,
Change equalizer to bass booster and feel the difference. BIG improvement on bass
Improved Image Quality
– Jpeg compression is removed, thus, you will get better results on Pictures.
Camera on X6 now full use of 5 mega pixels. Image quality is improved
Photos 1.01 is used – faster loading thumbnails
Increased Framerate to 60 – Improved UI animations
Increased Cpu speed to 100 – ideal speed and at the same time to save battery
Improve WIFI sensitivity
Improved Heap Size
Improved Rotation Speed
Improved Video Capture
Improved kinetic scrolling
Increased Ram Caching
Heap Size increased more than before. Application Closing is now faster than before
Application Policy Mod – Pre hacked phone. install any apps without signing.
battery mod – so you can save more battery more significantly.
changed system cache to drive E (not browser cache) – for faster ram management.
Cache Increased
Mega Startmod
(prevent running useless apps from startup,
fixes media bar bug on c6 Note: must restart after flashing to take effect)
by ShadowNinty
prevent apps running in background (messaging, logs, clock, contacts)
Ram Saving Camera Exit
Remove FOTA Cache – saves 5mb on drive C

System Mods
AUTO ROTATE ALPHANUMERIC/QWERTY!!! C6 port is now complete!
Nokia Internet Brower – Extremely fast
Shutdown and Restart symbols added when pressing power button
music player not open menu on exit
Music player Update 15.2 intergration:
– latest music player integrated,
you can be able to see lyrics (.lrc files) or any mp3 with lyrics embeded
S^3 qwerty mod look
standard 3X10 qwerty is now used”
– for bigger keys and more space on Input area and easier typing
Auto Rotate While on Slide to unlock Screen
Restart option when you quick tap power button credits to CodeRus
Video shortcut media bar fix
Added smooth control backlight
Help disabled.
All applications are “asking” for StaticFeatures.dll
the presence of the help system, the item “Help” will not show
Now when you press the Power button does not discharge to the desktop
and a window appears with a choice of profiles, turning off the phone, etc.
(like in the good old days)
Disabled mini QWERTY
New alpanumeric keyboard by Dan-av
Swap Buttons OK and Mode Switch in Alpha-numeric keyboard by Dan-av
Gallery Mod – changed “Share Online” button to “Delete” button
No calendar days bug!
Web user agent of your phone is set to N97:
– means you can download N97 apps and other S60v5 apps
Working TV-Out (Only phones with hardware support) by newcooller
Bluetooth mod – on the dialer, press and hold 0 to turn on/off bluetooth
Swipe HS clean – HS shows no widgets if you swipe it.
On the main HS page, you can now remove profile clock widget.:
– to put it back again, just set it on the HS again then restart.
Removed vibrate on side lock/unlock
Added easykeylock to hs shortcut widget
FadeDisable on popup
All lights bugs fixed -v2, dimming with green charger light by mara:
-(for 5800,5230,5233,X6)
Lights fix by newcooler dimming with red charger light (for 5530)
Auto Installer:
– for installing multiple apps/games/themes at the same time
Extra sensor settings – tapping control options added
Removed “Show Open Apps” on all system popups:
– just use long press menu by yener90
Resume download on restart
RomPatcherPlus v2.03
Send Everything from file browser
USB Mass Storage Default
Fixed Keyguard timeout:
– now you can set light timeout and keyguard timeout seperately.
ex. light timout 30sec, keyguard timeout 50sec – credits to dan-av

Messaging, Calling and Media
Messaging: Automatic Highlight is off by default
Messaging: Predictive Input is off by default
Messaging: Default Keyboard is Alpha numeric
Remove Messaging lag
Working Message reader
Show Call Duration ON as default
Summary After Call ON as default
Special Audio Codecs from 5800 are integrated to c6 fw
conversation for CFW – iphone like chatting
Music Player Mod C6 – Will only harvest files from e\Music
Gallery mod:
– will not harvest from other folders aside from e\Images and e\Videos
Email fixed – messaging>option>create message> (removed email).
If you need to send email, just open email app.
High-Quality Voice Recording Mod
NoCameraSound – Select tone 1 for silent camera
Music Suite modified
Photos Suite Modified
Disabled dialer auto rotate

Completely Removed Apps and their reasons
credits to newcooller
Removed switch application on 5530
Removed video call on 5530:
– because the phone really dont support video call – no front camera
Removed the default dictionary on 5530:
– Useless because it is incomplete.
If you want a dictionary, just install MSDict. It has more contents
Drawing – because xpress sketch is better
Zip Manager – x-plore has built in zip manager
Adobe Reader – it is an optional download which can be found on download links
Welcome – waste of space
My Nokia – waste of space
About – waste of space
Voice commands – not used regularly
Online Support
SW update
Here and Now
Ovi Store
Ovi Music –
Ovi Sync
Ovi Contacts
Image Print
Light Theme
Dark Theme
White Theme
Pink Theme
Blue Theme

if you interested to use this cfw,
all you is follow the instruction below
on how to flash this cfw into your phone.
*feel free to PM me on fb ThaQif Othman.

Flashing (Tutorial Step)
Choose your phone model:






Note: You must have these installed on your pc
before you can flash your phone.
You need these tools.
Download them:

After that,
follow the instruction below.
Click the icon to view the instruction.

redit to http://forum.dailymobile.se/ 🙂


13 Responses to “.: SHADOW 1.5 C6V40.0.021 (JULY2011 upd8) :.”

  1. terbaek bro..nanti aku try test 🙂

  2. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,
    This may sounds stupid.. where do i get this Base Firmware:
    C6-00 V40.0.021- 5800…lol..! I know that i flashed the Photon wt it, and i know that i have to flash the Shadow by using only 3 given files + instructions given… Why I’m asking is b’coz I’ve mixed it up… i need it just in case if things goes wrong…Still.. I do have the C6-V20 base files safe n sound as a back up…
    If somethin’ doesn’t goes well.., I can still flash it wt Fahimmuchi’s V3 kan..? Am I right…? Anyway i’ve decided to flash wt the Shadow as it really look awesome and catchie..! Ya lah.., boleh show off sama friends..lol..! Waiting for ur reply regarding questions mentioned above. My appreciation and thank you in advance.

    Note: Bro, u’re really2 sure that I can flash the Shadow using my current phone specifications..,

    Base File: C6-00 V40.0.021(As I Flashed Photon wt this Base File and I’m currently using this CFW )
    RM-356 v52.0.007

    Please reply..Tx

    • sorry for the late reply…
      as i said b4, its just ok….i’ve try them up,
      n its work…
      i know, if there any problem,u can just reflash
      with ur original firmware..
      seem evrything just go allright,no need to worry bout it..
      its just a precaution step…
      this cfw no need to mixed them up with all the firmware files..
      they just can worked with three file that i attached there..
      so…refer the tutorial step carefully…
      its ok to show off to ur friend…da icon quite ok..
      likes symbian anna..
      so far..i could not find any specialities on this cfw,
      xcept their icon n emoticon on message application..

  3. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,
    I couldn’t wait for ur reply and started to flashed the Shadow…, (you’re right..there’s no problem with it..tx)

    On the first impression.., I would say: Fahimmuchi V3 is 50-60 times better.., but If u would compared it wt Photon C6-04… it’s far way behind…Photon is Bloody fast and Bloody Stable too.., to be honest Photon is 100 times better.., be it the UI or even Speed Stability as a matter of facts with Photon my RAM would always stays idle at 49.2-51@52mb even after heavy use with lots of multitaskings.

    I really hope bro don’t feel bad about it ok..! All my comments are very true and honest as I’ve cooked wt lots of CFWs… u may just name me any CFWs.., I would have probably had tested it.. in fact the “Nokia C6 V20.0.041 Firmware ported to Nokia 5800 V52.0.007” the one using C6 FW is much2 better.

    With Shadow, even after installing one of the latest Kinetic Scrolling… it got Lags…., one thing I notice is that (With or without Kinetic Scrolling)… my phone’s Calibration when out of Alignment on the Home Screen as well as on every keyboards when touching certain numbers and/or alphabets… even after I calibrates it for many times… it still occurred…!

    Bro whatever pun lah…My apologise for being honest on the comments ya…! Maybe bro as well as friends in this forum/blog should try the Photon C6-04…coz.., that’s the best I’ve had ever tried so far after Fahimmuchi V3.

    Thanks Bro…, Now I’ll try flashing wt the NEXT LEVEL okay bro..!
    Insyaallah.., I’ll come back wt the results to share with.


    • sorry again for the late reply…

      its just alright…thats what i want…be honest on comments..
      woow…its marvelous if u said that Photon can goes
      up to 49mb free RAM…
      so i just can get bout 42++ free RAM..
      as i said above, this cfw nothing much special,
      just bout icon n emoticon… 🙂

      seem u care a lot bout the performance,
      for sure this cfw not suitable for you..
      the performance nothing much upgraded here..

      ok bro…its just ok..
      thnk you very2 much for your honest comments…
      its good for us to share our own opinion bout what going on..
      i think i will try Photon seem u say that Photon much2
      better than this..
      thnx a lot bro for the review..i really appreatiate it. 🙂

  4. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,
    As i’ve mention that i would try the “Next Level” after that kan…,
    The problem right now is,i can’t revert back to PHOTON @ Fahimmuchi or even “Nokia C6 V20.0.041 Firmware ported to Nokia 5800 V52.0.007″. I don’t really know what’ the problem…! My fone just went dead.. except if i flashed it back with Shadow..then it works. All this while I used to flash wt 6 Files and this was my first time flashing it wt 3 Files.

    As u mentioned.. I can flash it back wt the OFW right..? The one extracted wt Navifirm kan..? I have all the files with me… but i really don’t know the right procedure to do it…

    Could you kindly guide and assists me on the method and/or procedures to be followed..!


    -Exactly what are the files from Navifirm to be used..?
    -Is there any file/s to be renamed or changed..?
    -While in JAF.., what are to be “TICK and UNTICKED” or
    -Anything at all @ any information/s @ rules that’s important to be followed with before flashing it to the Original Firm Ware (OFW).

    My fone is under Avvax

    Version: 0570196
    FCC ID: LJP RM-356.

    Thanks a lot bro..,
    Waiting for your fast reply.


  5. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,

    Where are u..? I’ve been waiting for your fast and prompt reply regarding my problem..? Do u think u can assists me on this..? If u can’t.. then please suggest me other alternative/s.., say.., maybe u can point me to any Link/s to solves it.
    I think I know how to proceed wt the flashing…but I have a problem to determine what’s exactly is my phone’s firmware now. Originally it was RM-356 v52.0.007…, but now after flashing it wt Shadow 1.5, it turn out to be v52.101 c6v40.0.021..

    Under which version should I re-flashed my phone with..? 52.0.007 OR 52.101..? Why…? because right now I’m not sure about the version status of my phone. Tx a lot.

    Note: If you’re sitting for your examination now.., then do take your time to answer me as I’m willing to wait.. no worries..!
    Wishing All the Best and Good Luck


  6. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,

    No worries.. I’ve settled my fone problem d. Now I’m using STARK a new CFW… teramatlah lajunya dgn standby RAM 56-58mb tak lari.. even after heavy used…wifi and GPS…fulawei..melekap2 beb..! laju giler .., even the battery lasted me for 2days on normal used + an hour or two browsing & surfing. I tot the Photon was the best ever.. but I was wrong..lol.., it seems like we’ll be geting lots of upgraded and better CFW every now and then as we have lots of modders working very hard just to proof that theirs were the finest among the best. Apa2 pun, we should be grateful to have them around as it benefits us as well…kan..! kalau tak sampai bila2 pun Symbian still terhegeh2 in terms of speed.., why… coz’ Nokia kedekut sgt nak beri xtra or bigger RAM whenever they produce their fone..!

    Okaylah bro..Tx a lot….dan

    Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak dan Dgn Menunaikan Ibadah Berpuasa buat semua kawan2 Muslim disini serta keluarga dan tak lupa juga pada Bro sekeluarga.


    • really..??
      thnx God…i tot that u cant get back ur phone..
      sorry for da late reply..i’ve been out of intrnet cnnection seem im not home for days…yeahh! we should be gratefull of their hard work modding all those things.as what u ask me above about your phone version,if im not mistaken,ur phone now turn to v52.101 right..?
      btw im now trying to flash my phone usingKrystal^1- based on C6v40 and now im downloading C6 Core for RM-356 v52.0.101.
      hope everything goes right…i just looking at STARK cfw, but theres no emoticon on texting,and the ui quite dull for me..
      frankly speaking,im quite more concern bout the appearance rather than performance..lol..just on my opinion..
      btw,thnx bro…

      Selamat menyambut Ramadhan to u too…
      smoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna buat kita semua.

  7. nassershah Says:

    Salam Bro,
    Saya baru jer..flashed Krystal^1..,Ok jugak.., but to me I would still say Stark is better.. with Stark my standby RAM would always be 52-54mb also it doesn’t gets hot while heavy use especially with GPS stuffs or while surfin’.

    .btw.., I can’t install my Maps on Krystal^1..Ican only install Garmin 6.0.10 and Sygic 8.24 (Sygic’s Lousy..!) Please Bro.., if u know how to install Ovi Maps do share ok.. With this Krystal^1 I can import Malay Language but not in Stark. Anyway I’ll Layan this Krystal^1 dulu before changing it back to Stark.

    To all friends here..If you want Robust Speed and Stable…Try Stark..on the other hand if u prefer fancies with good speed and stability U should go for Krystal^1.

    Thanks Bro and Selamat Menjalankan Kewajipan Ibadah Puasa buat semua.
    Thanks Bro…!


    • w’salam..
      oowh i see….btw…u are right bout photon…
      im now using phone and im quite satisfied with all the featurest…so far,m phone never hang even while doing multi-tasking..and myb after this i should try Stark as well.

      Bout how to install OVI Maps im soryy coz since i used this phone,i just only install it once and what i can say is, im more prefer on Garmin even sometimes it goes slow with numbers of POI in it.
      As i know,to install OVI Maps, u should connet ur phone via OVI suite and lets them do the jobs,start from downloadin da maps till your phone successfully installed with latest Maps.
      Thats all what i can say bout Maps..im sorry bout that..

      Btw bro…could you please tell me how to add writting language.
      not the language..but writting language..writting supported..
      i want to add arabic writting language to my cfw.
      i do google but cant find any tutorial bout it..or myb i tlepas pndang..

      thnx again bro…Slamat Berpuasa 🙂

  8. spiderwick Says:

    photon c6-04..aku xleh install qt weh. .haha.bila nk buat cfw sendiri??blh aku jd beta tester nanti. .ekeke

  9. spiderwick Says:

    beware of metro cfw..once u flash it..bang!..ur head start to get dizZy.

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