.: how to flash with 3 files (C00, rofs2 and uda) :.

Download them all

Run Pkey emulator as administrator
[For Windows 7 users: right click Pkey emulator >> Properties >> navigate to compatibility Tab >> tick “run this program in compatibility mode for: (Windows XP service Pack 3)]

Click on “GO” button

For flashing with the 3 files…u need to untick “CRT 308” and “use INI”
select “manual flashing”, Dead USB”“Normal mode”

and rename the C00 file to C0r

then click the MCU button and select the C0r file

click PPM button and select rofs2 file

and click APE variant and select .uda file

Before Flashing please make sure the battery is atleast 30% charged.
Switch off the Phone and connect it to PC through USB cable

then click FLASH” :)

Click “Yes”

A message will be displayed to switch “ON” your phone
Single press the Power key of your Phone (Dont press and hold it)
It will install the drivers needed for the Phone automatically and after that will process flashing :)

Wait till the message is displayed on the JAF screen as “Done” :)
HAppy Flashing :)

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