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.: i love you more than words can say :.

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I Love You More Than Words Can Say

I love you more than words could ever say
You’re the one I couldn’t forget
Even at the last breath I take
Because you are the one I love so true

When I found you
I found the closest thing to heaven
The moment I opened my heart and let you in
I saw this great love starting to begin.

The perfect girl used to be only in my dreams
But when I first saw you, it changed everything.
In my heart,I hold your love close
It’s your love that I need the most.

I could search my whole life through
And never find another ‘you’.
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know

My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You!

I wish our love will last forever…

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thaqif othman

.: u’re loser..!! :.

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.: privacy setting on my fb :.

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just a simple upd8..
my facebook privacy setting has been upgraded….
so kpd stalker2 2,
arap mklum la ea…
ak xprasan la plak y privacy setting ak kt fb terlalu open…
2 psl la sblom ney cm plik jew…
cmnew ttba owg y ak x approv fren request dye pm
bley taw post kt wall ak…
agak mghairankn la ugk….
agpm, mmg wt msa skrg ney ak xbminat nk
approve mnew2 fren req pm…
klu ad ak approve pm just y ak knl2 scara kbetulan
time dop bls2 comment n dye add ak at da sme time…
klu x,ak biar g2 jew….
nk tggu bg 1000++ fren req dlu,
bwu ak nk accept…
skrg ney pm da dkt da…

#fast upd8 .: hehuhahi :.

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uh…..xdew mood weyh ak nk upd8 bndew nehh…
post rya ai 2 ttuggak g2 gk..nnti2la ea..
ak pm da lupa ak nk upd8 psl ap y rya 2…

.: aidilfitri :.

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*upd8 soon…….

#fast upd8 .: vsion test :.

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Xlame da nk raya..
Kmeriahan ari rya pm
smakin trasa..
Bg y dop jauh dr kg halamn,
ad y da stat blik pm..
Rumates ak da stat blik da pm
ai neh..
Ak klu ikowtkn nk jew blik ai neh
sbb ai neh pm free da..
Tp dsbbkn ad appointment ngn
dctor mta kt ppum ai ney,
tpksala dtgguhkn shari..
So,skrg ney ak kt ppum la ney..
Mobile upd8..~hehe..
Td pm nseb bek tsdar..
Klu x,mlepas ak..
2la psl,smlm bknny nk tdow awl..
Tp smlm 2 bkn ak y xnk tdow,
tp da ak xley tdow nk wt cmnew en..
Ad smthng y bmen2,blegar2 dpkirn ak,
2 psl cm susa nk lelap 2..
Sblm tdow 2 smeone ad send article
link via msg on my fb..
Alik2 ak tkn butang shutdown lptop,
kuar ym notifcation bnde 2..
Aduih..ak nk on blik lptop pm mls da la..
Tpksala on pkai nset..

Urm,bout da article ea?
Urm..i’ll gve my cmment in my next post..
*klu ingt..~hehe..

td wt vision test..
Y ad nurse suh bca uruf2 2la..
Nurse tnjuk H,ak ckp B..
2 kali tnjuk,ak ckp B ugk..
Cnfident kowt..